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About Us

This is a snapshot of our original constitution/bylaws that were constructed when the department was organized in 1948.  Although many things have changed the purpose hasn’t!


Mission:  The mission of the Grottoes Volunteer Fire Department is to provide the highest quality Fire Protection and Emergency Services in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our Vision:  The vision of the Grottoes Volunteer Fire Department is to exceed expectations every time and provide the community with the highest quality of people and equipment so that they get the best service.

Our Core Values:   Integrity – Selfless Service – Continuous Improvement – Pride


The Grottoes Volunteer Fire Department (GVFD) was organized in 1948 with the objective of providing fire protection to the Town of Grottoes and the surrounding communities of Augusta and Rockingham Counties. GVFD is a volunteer fire department operating as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serviced by a group of devoted volunteers comprised of local citizens from your community. Our members share many of the same responsibilities you have including families, full time jobs and personal hobbies, but still are able to give back to their community. 

We are supported by two Rockingham County Fire-Rescue firefighters/EMT/paramedics daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. when most of our volunteers are working and 100% volunteers after 6 p.m daily and all weekends. The partnership of these two entities ensure the best possible service to our community. 

Our department operates out of one fire station located near the center of our Town at 109 3rd Street, in Grottoes.  This state-of-the-art facility allots us the resources to provide quality services our citizens deserve. 


We maintain a fleet of two engines, including one heavy-duty rescue engine, one tanker, one brush truck and several support “SERV” Vehicles.  


Providing emergency services to our community is the primary reason for our existence.  Beyond the front lines of emergency responses, GVFD is a non-profit community organization with many moving parts such as fundraising, accounting, logistics, IT support, public relations, maintenance, community education and administrative functions. 


Our membership is made up of 80 plus active firefighters and/or EMS members and associate members and well over 30 lifetime members who have laid the foundation of making GVFD the successful department we are today. Anyone who does not have the desire to participate directly in emergency services, or those who cannot meet the physical demands for active membership, are encouraged to serve our department in this capacity. Associate members are not required to participate in any emergency responses.


For our community to get the best possible service, we must maintain our training, equipment, and a functional facility.  As with any family there are essentials needed for everyday life and those essentials have costs.  Only 53% of our operating budget and 0% of our capital budget comes from assistance from our local government.  Therefore, to meet the needs of our community fundraising is a major part of our organization.  


GVFD Opportunities:

Our goal is to have a membership where everyone contributes value making GVFD a successful department. We offer the opportunity to gain experience, build a future and explore new opportunities. 


Membership Types:


Active Membership (Fire and/or EMS): Active members are individuals who actively support all functions of the corporation.  While all members are expected to assist with fundraising there are exceptions for the operational portion of the department.   Many of our active members choose to only pursue firefighting or EMS and not both.  


Associate Membership (Administrative and/or Fundraising Support): Associate members are individuals who actively support the Corporation in all its functions (administrative duties and/or fundraising) but are NOT required to participate directly in Fire and/or Emergency Medical Services.  


We take serving our community with high quality emergency services very seriously.  We are committed to providing exceptional service 24/7/365.