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Join Us

The Grottoes Volunteer Fire Department is always recruiting new members who wish to serve their community.  If you have a desire to serve the community and to become a member or you are interested and wish to learn more about volunteering:

  • Complete and submit the online “getting started form” below.  A member will reach out within 7 to 10 business days to schedule a meeting with you.   




  • Stop by GVFD and complete and submit an application.   The application can be completed at GVFD or the application can be picked up and completed at home and be dropped by off at GVFD.  If you drop the application off and no one is there, place the application in the lock box located at the front of the building.     


All interested individuals, shall:  

Be at least 16 years old

Submit to a background and driving records investigation.  (GVFD will assist in this process)  




  1. Felonies involving sexual misconduct where the victim’s failure to affirmatively consent is an element of the crime, such as forcible rape. 
  2. Felonies involving the sexual or physical abuse of children, the elderly or the infirm, such as sexual misconduct with a child, making or distributing child pornography or using a child in a sexual display, incest involving a child, or assault on an elderly or infirm person. 
  3. Any crime in which the victim is an out-of-hospital patient or a patient or resident of a health care facility including abuse of, neglect of, theft from, or financial exploitation of a person entrusted to the care or protection of the applicant.
  4. Serious crimes of violence against persons such as assault or battery with a dangerous weapon, aggravated assault and battery, murder or attempted murder, manslaughter except involuntary manslaughter, kidnapping, robbery of any degree, or arson.
  5. Has been subject to a permanent revocation of license or certification by another state EMS office or other recognized state or national health care provider licensing or certifying body.


What are the Benefits of Membership?

Firehouse Family

Training: Free (Fire and EMS) training for members

In-house gym: state of the art facility for members to use on site

Personal Protective Equipment and Uniforms: provided at no cost to the member

Family and Community Events